Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Report Warns Czech Neo-Nazis Now More Skilled; Says They May Resort to Terrorism in Next 5 Yrs.

The Czech Position website reports today (March 6, 2012) that the Czech Ministry of Interior states that -- based on a study released on March 1 -- extreme right-wing movements in the Czech Republic are becoming more discreet and sophisticated, and warns that neo-Nazis and other groups may resort to terrorism.

According to the 50-odd page report -- authored by political scientist Miroslav Mares and several contributors -- a rise in racially motivated attacks can be expected over the next five years.

Mares says in the report that an increase in violent attacks can be expected due to: worsening economic conditions; increasing social exclusion; mainstream political failure by extreme right-wing parties; and the influence of foreign white supremacist groups.

There are currently around 4,000 extreme right-wing activists in the Czech Republic -- according to the report -- with an especially active core of around 400 leaders and ideologists.