Wednesday, March 7, 2012

COMMENTARY: Northeastern University's SGA Made the Right Decision on Chick-fil-A

Last week, the Student Government Association (SGA) at Northeastern University voted 31-5 not to allow Chick-fil-A to have a franchise on its Boston campus.

The major reason for denying Chick-fil-A to be a vendor in the Northeastern food court -- which is currently being renovated -- is that the company allegedly discriminates against homosexuals.

Northeastern's LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) advocacy group -- known as NU Pride -- was emphatically opposed to Chick-fil-A having a franchise on campus.

Although we do not personally agree with living an LGBT lifestyle, we believe that the SGA voted correctly in denying Chick-fil-A from becoming a vendor at Northeastern.

The fact is that a great university -- like Northeastern -- must maintain certain high standards and practices, in order to achieve its objectives. One of these objectives is being open and non-prejudicial to all religions, ethnic groups, racial groups, and social lifestyles, as a university strives to promote diversity in a changing world.

An institution of higher learning that accepts an organization -- or a vendor in the case of Northeastern -- that is opposed to this objective is degrading itself and hindering its ability to flourish in our current society.

Consequently, we support Northeastern's SGA decision on Chick-fil-A.