Wednesday, March 14, 2012

COMMENTARY: U.S. Flag Must Not Be Desecrated with a Picture

Veterans' groups and many other Americans became infuriated this week -- and rightly so -- after seeing an American flag with a picture of President Barack Obama in place of the flag's stars.

The flag was flying at the Democratic headquarters in Lake County, Florida, but was removed on March 13, as a result of several complaints about the flag's desecration by American veterans.

The Democratic Party -- or whatever organization was responsible for this flag desecration -- should know better than that. Thousands of Americans have lost their lives in several wars, in order to allow Americans to continue to enjoy the freedom and justice that is symbolized by the American flag.

To put a picture of President Obama on the American flag -- in place of the flag's stars -- is doing an injustice to the flag and everything it represents. To add insult to injury in this situation, President Obama has never even served a day of active duty in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Many Americans can still recall and praise a picture of the American flag about to be flown on the island of Iwo Jima during World War II -- more than 65 years ago -- as four or five American troops worked together diligently to insert that flag pole in the ground on that Japanese island.

On the other hand, a picture of President Obama on a flag tends to remind a person of flags with pictures honoring -- and even worshiping -- Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, and other famous dictators and mass murderers.

The American flag, then, must be observed and respected as a true symbol of the freedom, liberty, and justice that we are indeed fortunate to enjoy in the United States. It must never be desecrated with a picture of the president of the United States -- or anyone else for that matter.