Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Priests Will Operate World's Only Paradrop Church; Church Used in Fields by Russian Orthodox Troops

The Orthodox Church Info blog reports today (March 7, 2012) that priests -- with the Russian Airborne Troops -- will take a crash course next week to operate the world's only paradrop Orthodox Christian Church.

The one-week course for the priests -- many of whom are experienced paratroopers with more than 500 jumps -- will take place at an airborne troops facility in Rayazan region in central Russia, a Defense Ministry spokeswoman said.

Orthodox Christianity has many rituals utilizing many religious items -- which makes catering to the flock without a church impossible -- the senior priest for the Airborne Troops, Archpriest Mikhail Vasilyev, told the Russian press.

The paradrop church comes complete with nonbreakable religious items, a crate to carry them, as well as a diesel generator, air conditioning, refrigerator, and a multimedia unit complete with a mini-theater booth and projector, the military said.