Wednesday, March 21, 2012

COMMENTARY: Nurses Who Murdered 16 Patients in Uruguay Need Lifetime Prison Sentences

It was revealed this week that two male nurses are facing murder charges in Uruguay, after they admitted killing at least 16 patients in two hospitals in Montevideo, the capital of that South American nation.

The two men appeared to have acted independently of each other. Authorities are also charging a woman as being an accomplice in at least one of the killings.

The nurses said they killed the patients because they did not want to see them suffer; however, one of the patients killed had his discharge order signed one day before his death. The nurses killed the patients by administering a morphine overdose or by injecting air bubbles into their blood stream.

The fact is that the nurses -- as well as the accomplice -- have no right whatsoever to kill any patient, regardless of how much a patient may be suffering. God -- and God alone -- must decide when it is time for a patient to die.

This situation in Uruguay brings back memories of the late Dr. Jack Kavorkian -- or "Dr. Death" as he was nicknamed -- and his suicide assistance to Americans who did not want to live any longer. Dr. Kavorkian received a lengthy prison sentence in Michigan for his deadly assistance.

The murderous nurses in Uruguay -- called "Angels of Death" in that country -- as well as the murderous accomplice must also receive a lengthy prison sentence. Indeed, they should receive a lifetime prison sentence, with no possible parole.