Monday, March 5, 2012

Derogatory for Mechanic, Wearing the Evidence of their Labors on their Clothes Grease Monkeys, Greasy Big Petroleum and JOBS

A pair of grease monkeys. By the way, I might have thought of a way to help with the unemployment situation. Require all gas stations to have one or two guys there to pump your gas. There are some 150,000 gas stations in the United States, putting two guys on the pumps would eliminate a week's worth of unemployment claims, and give that many folks a feeling of self-worth. Don't make the independent owner pay their salary or their benefits, they are being bled by the big guys just like you and I.

Instead, make the record earning petroleum companies who blacken our waters and settle claims out of court rather than going to trial and risk exposing their shoddy practices, their disregard for the environment and their unmitigated greed pay their salaries. 300,000 new jobs, many of which could be returning vets, and I figure British Petroleum owes us.

Each time a guy fills the tank, he could lean in and remind you not to text while driving, ask how your family is and suggest you might need some air in the tires.

By the way? Those prices at the pump? They did it the last time it looked like a Democrat was going to win the presidency too, and it didn't work then.

Derogatory for mechanic and wearing the evidence of their labors on their clothes...and working hard to provide for their family with dignity, self-worth, honesty and pride.

Original Snapshot circa 1950? Collection Jim Linderman