Friday, February 3, 2012

Family Group Opposes Retailer's Lesbian Choice; Asks J.C. Penney to Replace DeGeneres as Spokesman

The One News Now website reports today (February 3, 2012) that One Million Moms -- an American Family Association's advocacy group -- is challenging J.C. Penney's efforts to improve its sales by hiring a lesbian as its spokesperson.

J.C. Penney has hired lesbian Ellen DeGeneres as its spokesperson. The comedian and talk-show host is slated to appear in five commercials in an ad campaign starting this spring.

Ron Johnson -- new CEO at J.C. Penney -- said his company is going with DeGeneres because "Ellen is someone we all trust. She's lovable, likabale, honest, and funny."

On the other hand, Monica Cole -- director of One Million Moms -- said hiring DeGeneres might backfire, since only an estimated 1.7 percent of the American population is homosexual. She added that One Million Moms is asking people to call J.C. Penney to politely ask that DeGeneres be replaced as its spokesperson.