Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Deputy Who Arrested Mel Gibson Settles Lawsuit; Supervisors Made Him Delete Anti-Semitic Comments

The Big News Network website reports today (February 15, 2012) that the deputy who arrested Mel Gibson for drunk driving has settled his lawsuit -- which claimed that he suffered religious discrimination at work -- with the Sheriff's Department.

Attorneys for James Mee -- who arrested Gibson -- said a $50,000 settlement was reached and must be approved by a county claims board. A trial scheduled to begin this week was canceled.

Mee -- who is Jewish -- claimed his superiors discriminated against him after he arrested Gibson. However, the Sheriff's Department acknowledged no wrongdoing in the settlement.

Mee -- who pulled over Gibson for drunken driving in Malibu, California in 2006 -- claimed his superiors forced him to remove anti-Semitic comments from his police report that the actor made at the time of his arrest. Mee also claimed he later received negative performance reviews and was denied promotions, as a result of his arrest of Gibson.