Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Muslim Refugees Are Housed in a Swiss Brothel; Men Housed Near 7 Women at the Erotic Hotel Venus

The Europe News website reports today (February 15, 2012) that 11 Muslim refugees have been housed by Swiss Social Services in a brothel in Thurgau in northeastern Switzerland.

On the ground floor of the Erotic Hotel Venus, seven Romanian and Hungarian women serve guests with drinks at the bar, or entertain them in the strip bar. If the men want additional services, the women take them to rooms on the first floor.

But sitting on the second floor -- drinking tea and trying to make plans for their future -- are 11 Muslim asylum seekers.

Beat Schlierenzauer -- the man who placed the 11 men in the brothel -- says he did not know when he first looked at the rooms that they were in a brothel. Having discovered what the rest of the building was being used for, he has avoided housing women and children in it.