Thursday, February 16, 2012

Six Pro-Lifers Arrested in Front of White House; Held Prayer Vigil to Protest Obama's B.C. Mandate

The Life Site News website reports that six pro-life activists -- including a Catholic priest -- were arrested today (February 16, 2012) in front of the White House, while holding a peaceful prayer vigil in protest against the Obama administration's birth control mandate.

They were released shortly thereafter, but only after each one paid a $100 fine.

Fr. Denis Wilde -- the Associate Director of Priests for Life -- said the protesters hoped to send a "wake-up call" to President Obama that opposition to his mandate is not going away.

The six were arrested on a charge of "disobeying a lawful order." Protesters are not allowed to remain stationary in front of the White House -- even if they kneel down and pray.