Sunday, February 5, 2012

File Sharing Recognized as a Religion in Sweden; Church of Kopimism Info, Copying Viewed as Holy

The Swedish Wire website reports today (February 5, 2012) that Swedish authorities have granted official religious status to the Church of Kopimism -- which considers CTRL+C and CTRL+V (shortcuts for copy and paste) to be sacred symbols -- and agreed that information is holy and copying is a sacrament.

Isak Gerson -- the self-appointed spiritual leader of the movement -- said the church's religious roots go back to 2010 and that it formalized a community of file sharers that already has been "well spread" for a long time.

Gerson added, "The community of kopimi (pronounced "copy me") requires no formal membership. You just have to feel a calling to worship what is the holiest of the holiest information and copy."

Church services consist of "kopyactings," whereby the "kopimists" share information with each other through copying and remixing.