Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cleric Warns Russia to Be Ready for World War; Says World's Econ. and Soc. Problems to Cause War

The Eurasion Review website reports today (February 19, 2012) that a top Russian Orthodox Church cleric -- speaking on matters beyond the realm of the spiritual -- said Russia must play a greater role in responding to ongoing global events that could deteriorate into a world war.

"There are many processes occurring in the world in which Russia should play a much more active role," Vsevolod Chaplin -- a highly-placed cleric in the Russian Orthodox Church -- said today.

He added, "The economic and social contradictions that have cropped up in the world are so powerful that they are sure to blow up into serious military operations."

Chaplin also said, "In order to ensure that these military operations do not unfold on our territory -- or in the vicinity of our borders -- we need to keep our armed forces combat ready."