Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conn. Catholic School Bans Skirts from Uniform; Parents Upset Girls Must Now Wear Khaki Pants

The Shine Yahoo website reports today (February 7, 2012) that St. Bernadette Catholic School in New Haven, Connecticut will be updating the girls' uniforms next fall.

After many female students have been rolling up their plaid skirts to make them shorter, the school has decided to ban their current skirts and jumpers, and replace them with khaki pants. Parents are upset that they'll have to shell out more money for new uniforms, but they're also angry that their daughters will look less feminine.

Principal Sherry Steines recently wrote a letter to parents claiming the new dress code is the result of "many conversations and input from the school survey." Some parents said they never took any such survey and were not consulted about the dress code. Consequently, about 20 parents signed a petition to meet with the principal about the changes, but they were turned down.

Parent Brenda Abel said tuition is costly enough and she would prefer not having to buy new uniforms. Her daughter, Jessica, is in the sixth grade and keeps her skirt at the required knee length.