Wednesday, February 29, 2012

COMMENTARY: Penn. Judge Who Dismissed Assault Case Needs to Be Terminated

A Pennsylvania judge -- who is a convert to Islam -- recently dismissed an assault case involving a Muslim man who attacked an atheist for insulting the Prophet Muhammad.

The judge's decision to dismiss the case has outraged a plethora of freedom of speech proponents, legal experts, and others -- many of whom are calling for the judge to be fired.

Some legal experts also believe that this case demonstrates how Sharia (Islamic law) is beginning to creep into the United States' legal system.

The incident occurred last year in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania when an atheist -- dressed as "Zombie Muhammad" for a halloween parade -- was attacked by the Muslim man.

The Muslim man said he felt he had to do something because of the insult to his religion. He was arrested and charged with assault by police.

In dismissing the case, the judge said the Muslim was simply defending his "culture." Moreover, the judge said the Muslim was "obligated to attack the victim because of his culture and religion."

The fact is that the Islamic judge in this case was allowing his own personal religious preference to prevail over the American system of justice. Indeed, his decision to dismiss the case was based more on Sharia than on American constitutional law.

In the United States, our justice system does not justify an "obligated assault" on an individual for insulting a religion, although this may well be the case in a predominantly Islamic nation.

Consequently, it is our sincere belief that this judge must be terminated, because of his inability -- or his refusal -- to be objective and to abide by the American process of jurisprudence.