Saturday, February 4, 2012

Church Cancels Night Services Due to Super Bowl; Megachurch in S.C. Is a Victim of Football Game

The Christian Post website reports today (February 4, 2012) that New Spring Church -- a five-campus megachurch in Anderson, South Carolina -- is canceling its Sunday night services on February 5, so that its parishioners can stay home and watch the Super Bowl football game between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants on television.

Lead pastor Perry Noble said, "I've been in church work for over 20 years and the one thing I can say is that attendance on Super Bowl Sunday night in church has always been awful."

The megachurch's two Sunday morning worship services are still being held.

Apologist Chris Rosebrough told the Christian Post, "Scripture teaches that the job of a pastor is to preach the Word. That doesn't matter if God sends two or 3,000 people -- the job of the pastor is the same."