Wednesday, January 25, 2012

COMMENTARY: Iowa State U. Was Wrong to Cancel Religious-Themed Business Course

Iowa State University (ISU) canceled a business management course it had planned to offer this semester, which would have used the Bible for insight into handling the vital issues faced in business.

The course -- titled "Application of Biblical Insight into the Management of Business/Organization" -- was scheduled to have been taught by a professor of finance, but was canceled because some faculty members felt that it was not appropriate to use the Bible as a guide. Consequently, the dean of ISU's school of business made the final decision to cancel this course.

We disagree with the decision to cancel this course.

We believe that the course would have been challenging to its students, in that it would have permitted students to relate to the business world from a Biblical perspective.

It is unfortunate for the ISU students -- who planned to take this course -- that it was canceled just before the semester began.

Indeed, such a course would have had a significant positive impact on its students, because it would have prepared them to enter the world of business with a better understanding of effective interpersonal relationships with their business colleagues and others than would otherwise be the case.